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Harry Kashouli

Experienced in Video Games for Quality Assurance/Technical Compliance/Production

Harry Kashouli
42 years old
Driving License
Suisun City (94585) United States (California)
Professional Status
About Me
Proactive individual with a great passion for video games and ensuring quality at both first party and consumer levels. Demonstrated leadership skills throughout my career and developed technical skills on all platforms. Continually strive to learn more, and communicate that knowledge to those that it would benefit. Long term goal is to remain in the video games industry, and lead teams to growth and success.
  • Responsible for carrying out compliance tests on Sony platforms, mainly PS3 and PSP; knowledgeable in the respective development hardware/software; updated compliance glossaries and performed guideline reviews on titles
  • Actively kept up to date regarding all compliance areas (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft and PC), and assisted the other compliance teams whenever possible; specifically trained Nintendo staff on use of their development hardware and software tools
  • Administered DevTest/DevTrack in ECG (project tracking and lifecycle management tools); created test cases for Sony platforms and kept them up to date
  • Interviewed and trained testers that joined ECG during the peak period (Summer 2007); part of the recruitment team that advertises positions for ECG
  • Created and led a group within ECG that was in charge of all development software/hardware updates; actively maintained a SharePoint site that was continually updated; created documentation for all platforms
  • Worked heavily with the newly formed LT team in Madrid; assisted them with setting up all their consoles for both offline and online testing, and ensured that their Compliance team was trained for all requirements that differ between languages